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“baby” is the second generation sake for Teresake. It is produced in limited quantities of 1,008 bottles, at the season with sunshine and breeze.

Brewed with specially selected AIYAMA rice, one of the biggest sized rice among other premium kinds and sekitousui (rock-filtered underwater), “baby” has semi-sweet, fresh fragrant which make you feel like you are standing on a hill, embracing the breeze and watching the blue sky. It is perfect to serve “baby” at a moment you would like to share happiness with friends and loved ones.

Rice: AIYAMA  Koubo: Original

Rice Polishing Ratio: 60%

Alcohol %: 14%

Serving Temperature: Chilled or Room Temperature

Paring Food: Sashimi, Grilled-food, Pickled food, Cream Cheese, Macaron!!!